hair scissors

Hair Dresser/Barber

Scissors that are well maintained last longer, cut better, prevent strain and save you money.

AMS Sharpening use precision specialist scissor sharpening equipment designed for sharpening hairdressing scissors.

The sharpness of the scissor is only one of many factors that affect the scissor’s cutting.

Proper honing of inside faces, alignment and tension are just a few factors that must be adjusted correctly for optimum performance of the scissor.

We sharpen bevel and convex edge scissors, thinners, texturisers and left handed scissors, bringing back that “as new” feel.

Whilst we sharpen your scissors, you can use our free loan service, if needed.

We have quality scissors for sale, and also carry a selection of spare parts for scissors.

Knife and Steel


Each knife is sharpened on machinery specifically designed for knife sharpening. 

A fine grit, low speed, water-cooled whetstone prevents overheating of the knife blade.

The edge is then honed with a special compound on leather.

The equipment used can be set to any specific edge angle, ensuring the best and most durable edge for each sharpened knife’s intended use.

A knife that has a damaged tip or chipped blade can be reshaped and sharpened, however it will need to be assessed on inspection to ensure the repair is possible.


AMS Sharpening can sharpen scissors for various uses and industries including upholstery, tailor, dressmaker, bridal, canvas industry, curtain-maker, embroidery, sewing, household, medical & dental clinics, motor trimming and many others.

We use scissor sharpening equipment that can sharpen scissors to a precise custom bevel angle, which allows us to select the best edge for the scissors’ intended use.

The scissors bevel can be honed when required to provide a polished edge for fine and delicate fabrics.



knife rental picture


If you are starting a hospitality business or you are already established, we provide a knife rental/exchange service.

We can supply chefs knives, bread knives, boning knives, slicer/carving knives and paring knives free of charge.

You will only pay for sharpening of the knives, we swap the blunt knives for freshly sharpened ones.

Our exchange periods are usually 2 to 6 weeks.

A minimum service fee applies.

Lost or damaged knives will attract an additional charge.